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Mad WoW Skills Review

Mad WoW SkillsMad WoW Skills is a brand new contraversial WoW Guide, Mad WoW Skill’s is an all in one guide, which includes, Gold making,PvP,Professions,Macros and hotkeys,Classes guides and talents.This guide is  online based in an exclusive membership zone.

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Mad WoW Skills Gold Making guide
The Mad WoW Skills gold guide is divided into 3 Parts Auction House,Farming and Gathering/profession.

Mad WoW Skills Auction house guide is a comprehensive guide to the running of the auction house and how you can make a ton of gold from using it by using simple detailed strategies that are stated in this guide. The guide starts out with the basics of the auction house so you know what to do. Mad WoW Skills Gold Guide then tells you what add-ons you should use and how to use them effectively so you can make gold from the auction house. The Guide then gives you strategies which you can use to make a ton of gold from. For each of these strategies each step is covered in detail so you will be able to fully understand it and put it into use to make an abundance of profit using the auction house or trade.

Mad WoW Skills Farming and  Dungeon Farming
Mad WoW Skills guide shows you where and what can get you the most gold per hour while farming mob’s, This guide is split into Zones and Farming item as it shows you the zone, Mob and drop rate of the items.If you love grinding for gold you will love this guide.This guide covers from level 10 Onwards.
This guide also covers dungeon farming. As in the farming guide it is split up into Levels and dungeon’s. The guide gives you a clear insight into each dungeon what items and materials you will find in it, What mobs drop and how much gold you will make for running the instance. This guide covers Levels  from 20-85

Mad WoW Skills

Mad WoW Skills Professions guide.Mad WoW Skills Review
The Mad WoW Skills professions guide shows you how to level your Gathering professions such as Mining and Herbalism and Your secondary professions Cooking,First aid and fishing,
With your gathering professions the guide will tell you where you should find the type of ore or herb you should gather for your level range, It lists these ores in are’s so you will know where to go at all times for the mineral your looking for.
With Cooking first aid and fishing it shows you how to level these up and make profit from them. For fishing it shows you where to fish to gain level and how to make profit from fishing.

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Mad WoW Skills Class Guide
The class guide shows you how to play each class on wow such as deathknight,druid,huner,mage,paladin,priest,rogue,shaman,warlock,warrior it covers them all in detail,
It tells you what each class is about and what they are capable of, In each class guide it shows you how to use each class to your advantage,how to use your rotations and how to spec/talent your class correctly for maximum stats and efficiency

PvP And Macro Guide
The PvP guide contains epic strategies on how to defeat any other class in battle wether in the battleground or arena.This guide instructs you on how to make the best use of your abilities and talents to to max damage/healing in PvP.The macros included are tailored to each class and spec so you can do maximum damage or healing for the objective, This should give you an advantage in any situation that may arise in world of warcraft

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Mad WoW Skills Review

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