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WoW Crusher Review

WoW CrusherWoW Crusher is a brand new World Of Wacraft All in One concept guide and WoW Crusher Addon by Marko And Kevin.Marko has been known for his expert gold strategies which he has been using for years. I mean he Has 1 Million gold! Kevin is an expert at PvP and Raiding. He is one of the Pro’s who dominate the server with the epicest gear,coolest mounts and more!

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WoW Crusher is a whole new guide with HUGE differences to every other guide out there.This guide builds players up from the basics, it covers all the groundwork so even pro players get the aspect and can perfect their games, while new and intermediate players build on it to become Pro’s.

WoW Crusher Monthly Newsletter
The Monthly  Newsletter is availible each month and keeps you up to date with all the new happeneings in wow. WoW Crusher Newsletter covers every part of wow From Patches to Raiding.So you dont have to keep reading up on it. The WoW Crusher team also answer valuable questions and give great advice for The current patches and what is happening in-game currently so you are never left behind.

WoW Crusher Leveling
The Leveling section of this guide gives you so many tips and much motivation to start leveling your character in the quickest times and speeds possible, It guides you on which areas and routes that are quickest and dont get you sidetracked.This guide also tells you how to maximise your leveling speeds,How to maximise your DPS against mob’s And a TON More which is exclusive to the members area. I Know this alone was worth it i got up 2 levels and a half on my level 73  ALT mage in under 1 hour and a half just using these tips!

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WoW Crusher Gold Guide

All i can say is WoW! This gold guide is jammed packed full of useful information and videos. There is a total of 30 Videos in 3 modules which will teach you to master the art of making millions of gold! This guide deals with EVERY ASPECT of Gold Making from Dominating EACH Part of the Auction House,Farming,Profession Gold Even Making gold from other players! These Tactics are like i have never seen before its like your looking over a WoW Gold millionaires shoulder and seeing exactly what they are doing to make so much gold! It Even has a dailys guide included for extra gold and rep!

WoW Crusher Review

WoW Crusher

WoW Crusher PVP Guide
The WoW Crusher PvP Guide is probably the most Updated advanced i have seen to date for any PvP Players this is a must. The PvP Guide is split into each class as a module, Within the module of your class it gives you advanced strategies and techniques to Obliterate the opposing class your Fighting. The Guide also covers each battleground and arena in depth so you know the best routes to take and which can boost your performance and win for your faction each time. This guide is perfect for arenas, No wonder kevin has so much awesome Arena Gear using these mind blowing strategies.

WoW Crusher Raiding guide

The Raiding guide covers all of the high level raids which detailed and accurate strategies to take down the boss, It shows you what to do in the raids so you don’t look like a noob and not know where to go or what to do in a boss phase. It also walks you through each phase telling what to do to the boss and what not to do.What attacks work best and what to look out for.This Guide is KEY for becoming a pro player on wow getting you the best gear and a great Rep in the Raids

WoW Crusher Addon
The addon is quite unique is chooses the best builds available for your class to give you an advantage over the most advanced players. Just run the addon choose the spec and your done. This gives you a performance boost in your selected role like no other. This easily doubles your skill and what you can take or dish out on the meters!

Final Word on WoW Crusher
Ok I have to say that WoW Crusher is one of the best most updated guides i have reviewed.The guide is strong in Gold making,PvP and Raiding and will help you greatly. The Support service is fast and took me only an hour And a half to get a responce which is seriously fast.Students of this guide have made 17000 gold in a day or two and have achieved an area rating of 2700

My Opinion Get WoW Crusher while you can as the members area will become limited to only a hundred or so members!

WoW Crusher Guide

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