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Manaview Impulse Addon Review

Manaview ImpulseManaview’s Impulse Addon for world of warcraft is a worlds first,Manaview Impulse is a highly advanced addon for wow players which sets amazingly powerful Pro Macros and keybinds without all the stresses of making macro’s,binding keys and choosing which casts are best. Manaview┬áImpulse┬áis ingame and totally user friendly, even the installation is automatic! When you first load up Manaview impulse ingame it auto detects your class and spec and loads up a suitable custom configuration of keybinds and strategic macros for you, If you would like to change something in the macro or keybinds you can change it according to you. Impulse generates up to at least 36 keybinds for you.This keybinds would be keys you would already be used to and able to memorize easily.

Manaview Impulse Addon Review

Manaview Impulse

Manaview Impulse effects your game greatly.. for the better! PvP and arenas are simple to dominate with the impulse pro macros. I mean a guy got 2200 rating simply just using this amazing addon!This does way more than PvP it is highly effective in High end Raids and Dungeons, while killing mobs doing quests out in the world and when the horde or ally come raiding your Factions major citys to kill your king. Those Noobs wont know what hit them.

Check out Impulse Here

Manaview Impulse gives you lifetime updates with every product they have including the Manaview impulse addon. Updates are automatic and are applied each time you use the manaview program on your computer which installs your addon automatically.They also offer amazing customer support to answer any questions or help you need about the addon or ingame. I would completely recommend Manaview Impulse Addon to anyone, These Macros and Keybinds are how pro’s play, This is how they get all that epic tier gear,get paid tons of gold just to go to a raid and have top arena ratings.

Manaview Impulse review


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Tycoon Gold Addon Review

Product : Tycoon Gold Addon
Price : $37
Ease Of Use : 5/5
Rating : 4.7/5
Award : Best World of Warcraft Gold Guide/Addon!



The manaview team has created a revolutionary new gold addon for world of warcraft which makes earning gold 230% easier to do. The addon has a total of 4 Gold Creating Modules in its system that help make Up to 30,000 gold per day!

Tycoon Gold Addon Features

  1. Auction House Module
  2. Gathering Module
  3. Crafting Module
  4. Farming/Grinding Module

Auction House Module
The addon does all the thinking for you, PDF gold guides tell you to go to the auction house scan with traditional addons and find bargins. Well Tycoon gold addon does all of this proccess for you. It tells you whats in demand,whats a bargin, and even creates a shopping list for you for the best things you have to get to make profit at the moment. Its that simple!

Gathering Module
This Gives you the amount of gold total you can expect from such an area Such as Mining in the Uldum would give you 7,000 gold per hour. there are a lot of routes to choose from Going from the highest earning routes to the lowest (Depending on your economy).
Once you choose a route for you it will load on your minimap with a detailed optimised route to get you the amount of gold expected from that area . All you have to do is follow the route on your minimap and gather the materials. Simple huh?

Crafting Module
The crafting module is very advanced, It scans your servers economy and tells you what is hot to make in your proffession and how much profit you can make from each item even before you sell it. it finds you the cheapest materials to use so your gauranteed profit. This is something no other gold guide does!

Farming Module
This Module tells you the best place to grind and kill mobs to get items like cloth and other items to make a ton of gold. Once you select a route all you have to do is follow the route on your minimap and pwn all those mobs. Easy gold right!?

For the Past few days i have been using this addon for 20 mins on my auction house charater.
The mailbox is FULL everyday i log in to check in total i have made 27,231.70.12 on my character so far with just 20 mins a day for 4days this addon is probably the best guide i have ever gotten.

Forget traditional PDF guides and get Manaviews Tycoon Gold addon! You will not regret it!



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