Wishlist Member Review

Wishlist MemberWishlist Member Review
Wishlist member is a wordpress plugin that generates customised membership sites within
your wordpress site.

Wishlist member is one of the easiest ways to make a fast and efficient membership website inside a wordpress site.Its as simple as just uploading the plugin to your server or though your plugin panel on wordpress, and going to plugin and activating the membership area. There are no coding or programming skills needed as it is all done for you! Just Select which options that are relevant to you and customise your membership area to which ways you desire and your members area is ready!

WishList Member Review

Wishlist member has a ton of features built in the simple wordpress plugin, such as membership levels which let you decide if you want a tiered type membership area where you can charge more for levels of access to more content on the same membership website! It Provides membership options as to manage members payments and account restrictions such as trial when account would expire certain dates etc. Wishlist Member also supports a lot of payment systems such as paypal,clickbank, google checkout and many more, it now also intergrates with cydic and infusion which is an added bonus!
Wishlist Also provides easy member management systems so you can easily access your member database view their information and upgrade,downgrade and even delete members of your website!
By Using wishlist member your securing your content from the public as all your content is securely locked in by the plugin and will only be granted access by the paying members or whoever you choose!
You can also use the drip feed system put in place by wishlist member as you can drip feed content monthly/weekly/daily to members for example once they reach the second month of membership more content becomes available!Wishlist Member Review

Wishlist Member Also Comes with a ton of helpful bonuses to help you with your membership site ventures! Such as Step by step videos on how to use and intergrate wishlist member into your wordpress website and tutorials on how to use features and more!, A Support Guide with over 100 screenshots and helpful descriptive step by step instructions on how to step up and use features of wishlist member. With Multisite you also receive a bonus of specialised wordpress themes for your membership website, 300 icons you can use on your membership website, A plugins that rock webinar which shows you what plugins would be great to have in your membership sites and Membership models training which teaches how to make money with membership sites and how to structure your membership website!

Wishlist Member comes with 1 year complimentary Support which is availible 24/7 and is a great help with any queries or problems you may have, Wishlist member also  comes with free updates so you will never be using an old broken version of the plugin as wordpress is always updating and improving so will wishlist member!

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 Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member Plugin

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